Implant Design in Melbourne

Sho Dental Laboratory provides practical implant designs for dental practitioners in Melbourne.

We provide elegant and durable dental implants for all your needs.

Efficient and Effective Implant Designs

At Sho Dental Laboratory, we create efficient and effective implant designs to satisfy your patient's needs and provide superior quality dental implants for both partial and completely edentulous cases.

Our technicians can design and build a variety of implants depending on the dentist's requirements and specifications. Get in touch if you are looking for locally designed and manufactured dental implants!

Specialists handling your implant design


Implant Design Melbourne

Benefits of Dental Implants

Sho Dental Laboratory provides strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing dental implants to help the dental industry restore their patients' oral functionality.

Some benefits of dental implants:

  • Designed to fuse with the bone so they feel and look like your teeth
  • Compared to poorly fitted dentures, they can help improve speech
  • Much more comfortable
  • Improve chewing ability
  • Aid with oral health

Implants can perfectly match your natural teeth


Implant Design Melbourne

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