Ceramic Veneers in Melbourne

Sho Dental Laboratory specialises creating ceramic veneers in Melbourne.

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Ceramic Veneers to Improve Your Smile

Sho Dental Laboratory provides quality dental veneers that will help improve the shape of your teeth and restore the beauty of your natural smile.

Even after more than 25 years in the dental market, we have never received a complaint or critique from any dentist concerning our products or services. That is ample proof of our professionalism and commitment to providing the best products, be it cosmetic veneers or dental implants.

Quality products that can help improve your patients' smiles


Ceramic Veneers Melbourne

The Dentist's and Patient's Aesthetic Goals

Sho Dental Laboratory has only one goal: working towards the dentist's and patient's aesthetic objective. Apart from appearance, our dental veneers are created to help shape and protect the tooth's surface, which is a process that includes:

  • Eliminating spaces between teeth
  • Correcting poorly shaped or crooked teeth
  • Sealing broken or chipped teeth
  • Covering stained teeth
  • Realigning the jaw or correcting overbites and underbites

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Dental veneers that serve their purpose


Ceramic Veneers Melbourne

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